Having kicked off the year with the 'Redemption EP' together with Sandeep, the Dutch Hollt is now set to bring his 'Reach Out EP’ as the 1st release on his newly-founded die Stube Records.

The three track EP features 'Reach Out’, a drum driven beat with a solid fundament and a characteristic spacy break, after which it'll slam you right back to earth.

'Miss Lead’ compares to a mysterious woman that takes charge of her motions through life. The track contains a serious and rolling beat, and lays the focus on an acid melody.

That same hypnotic and acid melody is the basis for Sandeep’s re-interpretation of 'Miss Lead’. His 'Into The Deep Mix' is taking the listener on an adventure with the signature warm and cozy sounds the Rotterdam-based DJ/Producer is known for. 

Illustrations by Rosanne van Leusden, Haarlem, NL