It took no less than 15 years of DJ’ing before Sandeep finally found his way to the studio, resulting in a remix for, and several collaborations with, die Stube Records founder Hollt. Sandeep’s long, deep, progressive and atmospheric sets have paved the way for his first ever solo EP, ‘The Deeper Dreamer’.

The EP kicks off with the story-telling ‘The Deeper Dreamer’, built on a solid foundation of drums, a slightly filtered kick and several dreamy synths and pads. With the delicate and dreamy original fitting for those longer sets in dark basement clubs, Hollt’s reinterpretation has a slightly coarse sound in comparison, yet making it a day-dreamy track for those hazy afternoons.

For Whom The Bells Toll is special collaboration between Sandeep and Australian based cellist Wilma. After having met online, the two artists worked together on this slightly melancholic, deep house an neo-classical music cross-over gem. Listening to the original during the night, the acoustic version will suit any Sunday morning. 

Illustrations by Rosanne van Leusden, Haarlem, NL