In what might just be the most paradoxical year for him, with the least performances ever - yet the most interesting one musically, Hollt is back on his die Stube Records with ‘Silent Lost’; two tracks made using a different approach, but with the same energy as the outcome.

The title track ‘Silent Lost’ provides serious momentum with the leading bass melody throughout the entire length of the track. A never ending story with a drum-driven beat, enthralling breakdown and a drop that brings release. The track is a real message, an eye opener with some beautiful atmospheres which will guide you through its adventures.

‘Etna’ creates a strong and uplifting mood whilst it is calm in its breakdowns. A warm environment, triggered by a hypnotic melody line, this track is pure happiness. With a strong and solid groove, the track goes into the climactic breakdown. Whilst its unique sound design and pulsing triplet sets you off, everything falls into one place when it all comes together when the beat drops in again.

Illustrations by Rosanne van Leusden, Haarlem, NL
Mastering by Guy James Cohen @ James Studio, Berlin, DE