Whilst playing on the same stage back when still possible, the first spark of collaborative chemistry set fire to the dance floor and has now ignited a collaboration between Hollt & Lake Avalon; the two track EP called ‘Anomia’.

As the first track on the EP, 'Perceive' characterizes itself with a strong continuing tension amongst atmospheric pads and soundscapes. The off-beat bass stabs are the counterforce of the track and triggers the arpeggiator, which immerses the listener.

Without any rules or norms, 'Anomia' adds space and openness throughout the entire length of the track. Feeding from a euphoric chord progression, the track naturally moves from a wider spectrum to a moment of clarity.

Hollt and Lake Avalon deliver an EP that fits all the dance floors that are opening up around the world, bringing moments of relief and a focus on the future; where the two artists shall meet in the booth again.

Hollt & Lake Avalon - ‘Anomia’ will be released on die Stube Records on June 18th, 2021.

Illustrations by Rosanne van Leusden, Haarlem, NL
Mastering by Guy James Cohen @ James Studio, Berlin, DE